The Organization in Four Vauge Continents

The plot thickens eventually

We begin this episode with our adventurers deciding what to do now that they have murdered a number of innocent guardsmen and left one of them to retell the tale. They eventually decide that moving on is in fact the best course of action. They eventually decide to head towards the next city along the road. They reach a small town and, of course decide to troll urbanely. After a series of map stealing, face changing, mayor punching, and trigonometric calculations on the best way to string up a tightrope, they decide they are bored and move along towards the next city.

Along the path our group of sorta intrepid adventurers encounter a mound of metal lying on the path. They move up and detect that it is magic before it stands up and reveals itself to be a mechanical bull of some sort. Haelix, the ranger, shouts stuff about Gorgons and then it charges them. They deal with it handily, and after cutting off its metal testicles and determining that it has no gold hidden on its body, move along.

They soon reach another city, this one less on fire than their last one, which appears to be having an unusually large number of people pouring inside. As Mau Tai and Kate slit people’s pockets, the rest decide they shall not be associated with such shenanigans and move into the city. There they learn that this is due to a curfew imposed on the city because of the nearby war going on between the country of the Scorpion and the country of the Crane. Kate tries to prostitute herself in the form of a wizened old man to no avail before they all fall asleep.

In the morning, the group minus Encenda decide to check the bounty boards for a suitable bounty to pursue. They find the biggest one they can and tell Kate to mimic his face so they can turn her in for the bounty before breaking her out later. After a bit of heated debating they eventually all agree on that plan and go to the local authorities to gain more info on the bounty. Then they head out in the woods for a few days to practice while Encenda and Haelix realize this is a really bad idea and they decide to just stay behind and drink tea.

On their third day out in the woods the four trollers hear the sound of an approaching army. It appears the Scorpions are finally on the move and when the group is confronted they tell them they were just on the way to the fight earning them an army that is very enthusiastic to escort them there. They reach the top of a valley and see the Crane army amassed on the other side ready for conflict at which point Rhogar breaks and runs. This makes the army suspicious and a man soon recognizes them as the criminals from the burned city, earning them a trip down into the valley.

Kate rolls down into the river and starts to make her escape that way while Mau Tai and Elros escape down river as opposed to Rhogar running up river. They all get shot at by arrows and when Kate temporarily loses her stability and gets pulled underwater briefly, she regains control just long enough to flip off the Scorpion army before that actions makes her lose control, get pulled under, and begin to drown. Rhogar attempts to speak to the armies before remembering he don’t speak a word of their language, and expends almost all of his random junk trying to escape, hurting himself some more. Erlos dives in to save Kate and drowns in turn. Mau Tai saves Elros, but sadly, not Kate and they have to move on. And Encenda and Haelix enjoy some fabulous tea.

A party divided. A group on the run. What shall happen next? Find out next time on DRAGONBA-cough-TOFVC!

Cause why not?
Two people have fun, and everybody else misses out

Alright new meeting of the group, activate re-cap mode.
We start with the Rhogar and Elros waking up the group and telling them that they need to pack up and get out pronto. Everybody follows along with this and Elros leads them to where he buried the stuff last night. They unearth the goods and start bickering about who will carry what when suddenly a mysterious stranger steps out from behind a tree and says something mysterious cause that is the number one hobby of mysterious strangers. Everybody instantly sets about forcing this newcomer to carry everything they don’t want to before he gets challenged to a skirmish, which he wins by clever application of handshake.

At this point the stranger reveals himself to be a female changeling assassin named Kate, or something, which Jeremy should probably get around to changing on this site cause Mr. McStabings just doesn’t fit anymore, who has been following them and wants to join up with them. Since Rhogar is paralyzed with his eyes closed, everyone except for Incenda who has temporarily sojourned off into the woods agrees that this seems like a good idea. The ranger climbs a tree to keep look out, and Elros sits in a corner like he always does (Poor Elros :,( ).

As Rhogar unfreezes, he lets off his super move and a fus-ro-dah cause why the hell not and Incenda detects a whisper on the breeze of someone yelling “I heard something from over that way.” Mau Tai climbs a tree and he and the ranger both spot a group of figures approaching quickly. Incenda and Rhogar both create fog and flee with Elros in typical squid fashion while the two in the trees hide and Kate approaches the oncoming guards in disguise. She leads them into the fog cloud and then starts to methodically slit their throats before they discover her treachery and retaliate. Mau Tai drops down to help and the two quickly dismember the guards, aside from one who escapes. The ranger ties to track him, but is sadly unable to in the dark. The group is called back together and after looting the bodies spend a good deal of time deciding to do next. Adventure! Excitement! End of this session, see you next time.

Everything gets screwed up
Oh Snap

To begin this portion of our story with our group of heroes fleeing from the burning city, assisting villagers along the way who are evacuating themselves. Rhogar is found tied up on the back of a donkey with his pants around his ankles and says he would rather not talk about it.

As the sun begins to rise the party has successfully circled its way around to the north of the village, reaching a dry plain that stretches out into the distance. They travel a short distance into the plains where they meet a fellow by the name of Kevin. Kevin joins their party at some point, I don’t remember how or when, or who decided this or whatever, but it sure as hell happened. As the party bickers about what to do next an oni that appears to have followed them from the town they just escaped from attacks.

After a so-so battle of mediocre proportions the oni falls and reveals that there has been an archer sniping him in the back the entire time. His name… I never got, but he decides to join the party, and once again, nobody really stops to question this, accepting that he is now part of the group. While rooting through the remains, Rhogar finds a black pearl and inspects it for quality by biting it. This causes it to expand violently into a shimmering black sphere that envelopes the caster while knocking everything else back. It appears to be impervious to all effects, so the party decides to hunker down until it disappears, or their repeated whackings against it prove to actually do something.

As the sphere eventually dissipates, Kevin tries to steal all of the loot from Rhogar and gets subsequently punched by David. They split up the loot, giving Kevin a smaller portion, so Kevin instead decides to steal from David, earning him another punch, and a trip to the land of unconsciousness. He gets tied up and the party settles down until he comes to. When Kevin eventually comes around, the group flies into one of the silliest series of bluffs and counter bluffs, with some diplomacy mixed in. After is all settles down, they have eventually come to some sort of decision to hold their own trial to determine his punishment, the party serving as jury. In a 2-3 decision, he gets off scott free and is allowed to rejoin the party. The group flies into another series of bluffing and counter-bluffing when a raptor-like dragon runs over and bites Kevin, causing him to fall unconscious again. Luckily Rhogar speaks dragon and he convinces the pack of them to eat Oni meat instead, settling down for light conversation.

Alas, the dragons must depart and the sun begins to fade, the group settling in after a short day’s journey. Rhogar, Elros, Mau Tai, and wosname decide to visit the burned out city, assuming disguises as locals. Since Rhogar and Mau Tai suck at disquises, and don’t speak the local language, they head back to camp while they leave the other two to loot the burned out wreckage of the town. Elros finds a suit of armor and some swords, so the two re-disguise as samurai and walk back out of the city. David questions them on where they found such items to no avail, the two refusing to speak.

Taking matters into his own hands, David decides to re-visit the city on his own means, gathering a few of the city’s guards and returning to camp so that they might inspect the goods to see if they are stolen. When they return they find that Elros and the stolen goods have vanished. Elros had decided to take them and stash them in the woods whilst David was away. Not to be put out, two of the three guardsmen decide to escort whatshisface back to the city for some questioning, and Rhogar convinces them to let him come along. Almost back to the city, Rhogar makes his move, trying to grasp a guard’s face and fry him to death. A scuffle ensues and the guards barely escape, badly wounded and nearly dead.

Rhogar and Mr. Name escape, with Rhogar bluffing his way past David on the return trip as David had decided that he should escort the remaining guard back to the city. Rhogar returns to camp and frantically tells everyone to pack up and head out before David returns. What will become our intrepid adventurers? Find out next time on TOFVC!

Shits on fire yo

We began our episode with our 4 brave adventurers awaking from a good night’s rest. The group promptly set out to finish some errands, Incenda following David to collect a saddle for his little pony and Mau Tai setting out with Elros to collect some items he was having inspected overnight. Nobody knew where Rhogar was, but the general consensus was that he had probably passed out drunk in an alley somewhere. They identified a number of magical scrolls and a series of clues upon their odd bricks and two by fours that appeared to be directing them to the jungle continent of Catachan. During this time the saddle was being fitted and the group re-met at their previous inn. David told them about the state of the land and the group agreed to travel to a city in the north that was recruiting for its army and join said army as mercenaries. Since the trip would be long and no doubt arduous, they decided that they would stay another day and set out in the morning, the two groups of two splitting up again for food and other forms of entertainment until nightfall.

Mau Tai and Elros had decided that their means of chaotic fun and profit would be to dupe some native weapon and armorsmiths, bluffing them into giving up some of their merchandise or money no doubt. Sadly, the blacksmiths proved to be either too knowledgeable or too ignorant to fall for such traps, and the pair returned to the inn, empty-handed.

Meanwhile, David decided to go to the slums of the town and help the local homeless people and Incenda tagged along. They attracted quite a crowd, cleansing food and water and giving away money, and David spied a familiar face in the audience, a suited woman he had met yesterday. she introduced herself as Bazett, saying that she was currently employed as a negotiator setting up a trade route for her employer. After explaining the state of the country and continent (and having an owl placed on her head) David invited her along for a horse ride, and Bazett invited him to a bar, while Incenda had a meal and returned to the inn. David sadly did not get laid and they parted ways.

Around midnight the group found themselves awaken be the sounds of screaming people and a flickering light coming in through their window. after breaking a window and looking out, they found the city to the east to be on fire and a war chant drifting in. They suited up and Mau Tai took to the roofs, spotting a horde of oni destroying the city. They set out, running towards the flames and David summoned his steed. Finding a pair of Oni in a street, they charged into battle. They knocked one unconscious and David almost died when a blur knocked the remaining oni into a building and out of sight. Incenda unleashed the surprising ability of turning pure white and darted over to David, healing him at the last second. As Incenda mended David, the blur stepped out of the building, revealing itself to be Bazett. She told the group that they were outmatched and they should help usher the inhabitants of the city away, claiming that it was already lost. Then Bazett dove back into battle as the group was forced to flee, helping the citizens escape and heading out to the city to the north, still uncertain if Rhogar might be on fire right now.

Last time, on TOFVC

Last (couple of) time(s) on The Organization in Four Vague Continents!

Our intrepid party of four “brave” adventurers met in a tavern in a village near a lake! At the time they were Incenda, Elros, Rhogar, and Kazerath.

Deciding on a whim that they might as well become a party of adventurers, the four set out, having seen strange caribou activities and shrugging them off pretty much, knowing deep in their hearts that walking out into the barren tundra was the right choice for them.

On their second night trudging through the snow they were captured by foxes riding on wolves and woke up to meet you. You escorted them around their icy cell, showing them an execution game in apology. After finding a key that led to nowhere, you snapped his fingers and the party found themselves in the snow with Jeff.

Jeff decided he wanted their help at the next city and the team said “Sure, why not” setting out on their next epic quest to kill you. After finding you and killing you, Kazerath said goodbye, shaking hands with Rhogar before he left, and Elros disappeared, wandering off into the woods somewhere. The party hardly noticed, setting off without him.

In the next town the group met Mau Tai, who fell out of a window. Saying “This man seems trustworthy” Jeff ate his feather, and he joined the group, heading down into the pass in the mountains that separated the town from most of the rest of the continent, because hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

After trudging through the pass and having boulders thrown at them by a big black hand, the group met Argent, a mysterious shemale who claimed to be notagodreallykindasortamostlysometimes. Or something like that, I forget. Anywho, the group decided to take him up on one of his offers to kill stuff, setting out after he gave them a map and a button.

They reached a place, met scared villagers, killed some stuff, and Elros showed back up at some point. They trecked off to a camp that they found burnt and destroyed. Then after setting out the next day found out that Kazerath and his friends had already killed the next ones for them. They decided that NPCs were not allowed in the party and set off to the next city, where they met some people who joined their party, people poisoned other people, and some people were scammed quite thoroughly. And Jeff wandered off somewhere, but they met a nice person named David, so who cares. Oh and they left Incenda behind.

The party warped to the fire filled plane of Gehenna on Argent’s next quest, trudged up flaming hills, got David nearly killed, lost the general they were after, found out Incenda had somehow shown up, david became not dead and they broke open a few walls, before running from a massive wave of dogs through a portal.

In the place between places they met a person claming to be Argent’s big brother, and the party realized that the shemale was actually a male. And most of the people gathered in that city disappeared too, funny how that keeps happening. After David was punched, brought back to life, then mocked, and Mau tai crushed his own balls before having all of his limbs hideously broken, they decided to return to the vaguely asian continent they had heard of.

Once there, Elros did some amazingly smart stuff, the team wandered out and killed a few oni in a forest, returned to a city, wandered around, sold some junk, got other stuff appraised for stuff, and so forth. And a burrito showed up, but who really cares about Burritos?

And that pretty much somes it up. Tune in next time on The Organization in Four Vague Continents!

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