The Organization in Four Vauge Continents

The plot thickens eventually

We begin this episode with our adventurers deciding what to do now that they have murdered a number of innocent guardsmen and left one of them to retell the tale. They eventually decide that moving on is in fact the best course of action. They eventually decide to head towards the next city along the road. They reach a small town and, of course decide to troll urbanely. After a series of map stealing, face changing, mayor punching, and trigonometric calculations on the best way to string up a tightrope, they decide they are bored and move along towards the next city.

Along the path our group of sorta intrepid adventurers encounter a mound of metal lying on the path. They move up and detect that it is magic before it stands up and reveals itself to be a mechanical bull of some sort. Haelix, the ranger, shouts stuff about Gorgons and then it charges them. They deal with it handily, and after cutting off its metal testicles and determining that it has no gold hidden on its body, move along.

They soon reach another city, this one less on fire than their last one, which appears to be having an unusually large number of people pouring inside. As Mau Tai and Kate slit people’s pockets, the rest decide they shall not be associated with such shenanigans and move into the city. There they learn that this is due to a curfew imposed on the city because of the nearby war going on between the country of the Scorpion and the country of the Crane. Kate tries to prostitute herself in the form of a wizened old man to no avail before they all fall asleep.

In the morning, the group minus Encenda decide to check the bounty boards for a suitable bounty to pursue. They find the biggest one they can and tell Kate to mimic his face so they can turn her in for the bounty before breaking her out later. After a bit of heated debating they eventually all agree on that plan and go to the local authorities to gain more info on the bounty. Then they head out in the woods for a few days to practice while Encenda and Haelix realize this is a really bad idea and they decide to just stay behind and drink tea.

On their third day out in the woods the four trollers hear the sound of an approaching army. It appears the Scorpions are finally on the move and when the group is confronted they tell them they were just on the way to the fight earning them an army that is very enthusiastic to escort them there. They reach the top of a valley and see the Crane army amassed on the other side ready for conflict at which point Rhogar breaks and runs. This makes the army suspicious and a man soon recognizes them as the criminals from the burned city, earning them a trip down into the valley.

Kate rolls down into the river and starts to make her escape that way while Mau Tai and Elros escape down river as opposed to Rhogar running up river. They all get shot at by arrows and when Kate temporarily loses her stability and gets pulled underwater briefly, she regains control just long enough to flip off the Scorpion army before that actions makes her lose control, get pulled under, and begin to drown. Rhogar attempts to speak to the armies before remembering he don’t speak a word of their language, and expends almost all of his random junk trying to escape, hurting himself some more. Erlos dives in to save Kate and drowns in turn. Mau Tai saves Elros, but sadly, not Kate and they have to move on. And Encenda and Haelix enjoy some fabulous tea.

A party divided. A group on the run. What shall happen next? Find out next time on DRAGONBA-cough-TOFVC!


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