The Organization in Four Vauge Continents

Shits on fire yo

We began our episode with our 4 brave adventurers awaking from a good night’s rest. The group promptly set out to finish some errands, Incenda following David to collect a saddle for his little pony and Mau Tai setting out with Elros to collect some items he was having inspected overnight. Nobody knew where Rhogar was, but the general consensus was that he had probably passed out drunk in an alley somewhere. They identified a number of magical scrolls and a series of clues upon their odd bricks and two by fours that appeared to be directing them to the jungle continent of Catachan. During this time the saddle was being fitted and the group re-met at their previous inn. David told them about the state of the land and the group agreed to travel to a city in the north that was recruiting for its army and join said army as mercenaries. Since the trip would be long and no doubt arduous, they decided that they would stay another day and set out in the morning, the two groups of two splitting up again for food and other forms of entertainment until nightfall.

Mau Tai and Elros had decided that their means of chaotic fun and profit would be to dupe some native weapon and armorsmiths, bluffing them into giving up some of their merchandise or money no doubt. Sadly, the blacksmiths proved to be either too knowledgeable or too ignorant to fall for such traps, and the pair returned to the inn, empty-handed.

Meanwhile, David decided to go to the slums of the town and help the local homeless people and Incenda tagged along. They attracted quite a crowd, cleansing food and water and giving away money, and David spied a familiar face in the audience, a suited woman he had met yesterday. she introduced herself as Bazett, saying that she was currently employed as a negotiator setting up a trade route for her employer. After explaining the state of the country and continent (and having an owl placed on her head) David invited her along for a horse ride, and Bazett invited him to a bar, while Incenda had a meal and returned to the inn. David sadly did not get laid and they parted ways.

Around midnight the group found themselves awaken be the sounds of screaming people and a flickering light coming in through their window. after breaking a window and looking out, they found the city to the east to be on fire and a war chant drifting in. They suited up and Mau Tai took to the roofs, spotting a horde of oni destroying the city. They set out, running towards the flames and David summoned his steed. Finding a pair of Oni in a street, they charged into battle. They knocked one unconscious and David almost died when a blur knocked the remaining oni into a building and out of sight. Incenda unleashed the surprising ability of turning pure white and darted over to David, healing him at the last second. As Incenda mended David, the blur stepped out of the building, revealing itself to be Bazett. She told the group that they were outmatched and they should help usher the inhabitants of the city away, claiming that it was already lost. Then Bazett dove back into battle as the group was forced to flee, helping the citizens escape and heading out to the city to the north, still uncertain if Rhogar might be on fire right now.


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