The Organization in Four Vauge Continents

Last time, on TOFVC

Last (couple of) time(s) on The Organization in Four Vague Continents!

Our intrepid party of four “brave” adventurers met in a tavern in a village near a lake! At the time they were Incenda, Elros, Rhogar, and Kazerath.

Deciding on a whim that they might as well become a party of adventurers, the four set out, having seen strange caribou activities and shrugging them off pretty much, knowing deep in their hearts that walking out into the barren tundra was the right choice for them.

On their second night trudging through the snow they were captured by foxes riding on wolves and woke up to meet you. You escorted them around their icy cell, showing them an execution game in apology. After finding a key that led to nowhere, you snapped his fingers and the party found themselves in the snow with Jeff.

Jeff decided he wanted their help at the next city and the team said “Sure, why not” setting out on their next epic quest to kill you. After finding you and killing you, Kazerath said goodbye, shaking hands with Rhogar before he left, and Elros disappeared, wandering off into the woods somewhere. The party hardly noticed, setting off without him.

In the next town the group met Mau Tai, who fell out of a window. Saying “This man seems trustworthy” Jeff ate his feather, and he joined the group, heading down into the pass in the mountains that separated the town from most of the rest of the continent, because hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

After trudging through the pass and having boulders thrown at them by a big black hand, the group met Argent, a mysterious shemale who claimed to be notagodreallykindasortamostlysometimes. Or something like that, I forget. Anywho, the group decided to take him up on one of his offers to kill stuff, setting out after he gave them a map and a button.

They reached a place, met scared villagers, killed some stuff, and Elros showed back up at some point. They trecked off to a camp that they found burnt and destroyed. Then after setting out the next day found out that Kazerath and his friends had already killed the next ones for them. They decided that NPCs were not allowed in the party and set off to the next city, where they met some people who joined their party, people poisoned other people, and some people were scammed quite thoroughly. And Jeff wandered off somewhere, but they met a nice person named David, so who cares. Oh and they left Incenda behind.

The party warped to the fire filled plane of Gehenna on Argent’s next quest, trudged up flaming hills, got David nearly killed, lost the general they were after, found out Incenda had somehow shown up, david became not dead and they broke open a few walls, before running from a massive wave of dogs through a portal.

In the place between places they met a person claming to be Argent’s big brother, and the party realized that the shemale was actually a male. And most of the people gathered in that city disappeared too, funny how that keeps happening. After David was punched, brought back to life, then mocked, and Mau tai crushed his own balls before having all of his limbs hideously broken, they decided to return to the vaguely asian continent they had heard of.

Once there, Elros did some amazingly smart stuff, the team wandered out and killed a few oni in a forest, returned to a city, wandered around, sold some junk, got other stuff appraised for stuff, and so forth. And a burrito showed up, but who really cares about Burritos?

And that pretty much somes it up. Tune in next time on The Organization in Four Vague Continents!


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