The Organization in Four Vauge Continents

Everything gets screwed up

Oh Snap

To begin this portion of our story with our group of heroes fleeing from the burning city, assisting villagers along the way who are evacuating themselves. Rhogar is found tied up on the back of a donkey with his pants around his ankles and says he would rather not talk about it.

As the sun begins to rise the party has successfully circled its way around to the north of the village, reaching a dry plain that stretches out into the distance. They travel a short distance into the plains where they meet a fellow by the name of Kevin. Kevin joins their party at some point, I don’t remember how or when, or who decided this or whatever, but it sure as hell happened. As the party bickers about what to do next an oni that appears to have followed them from the town they just escaped from attacks.

After a so-so battle of mediocre proportions the oni falls and reveals that there has been an archer sniping him in the back the entire time. His name… I never got, but he decides to join the party, and once again, nobody really stops to question this, accepting that he is now part of the group. While rooting through the remains, Rhogar finds a black pearl and inspects it for quality by biting it. This causes it to expand violently into a shimmering black sphere that envelopes the caster while knocking everything else back. It appears to be impervious to all effects, so the party decides to hunker down until it disappears, or their repeated whackings against it prove to actually do something.

As the sphere eventually dissipates, Kevin tries to steal all of the loot from Rhogar and gets subsequently punched by David. They split up the loot, giving Kevin a smaller portion, so Kevin instead decides to steal from David, earning him another punch, and a trip to the land of unconsciousness. He gets tied up and the party settles down until he comes to. When Kevin eventually comes around, the group flies into one of the silliest series of bluffs and counter bluffs, with some diplomacy mixed in. After is all settles down, they have eventually come to some sort of decision to hold their own trial to determine his punishment, the party serving as jury. In a 2-3 decision, he gets off scott free and is allowed to rejoin the party. The group flies into another series of bluffing and counter-bluffing when a raptor-like dragon runs over and bites Kevin, causing him to fall unconscious again. Luckily Rhogar speaks dragon and he convinces the pack of them to eat Oni meat instead, settling down for light conversation.

Alas, the dragons must depart and the sun begins to fade, the group settling in after a short day’s journey. Rhogar, Elros, Mau Tai, and wosname decide to visit the burned out city, assuming disguises as locals. Since Rhogar and Mau Tai suck at disquises, and don’t speak the local language, they head back to camp while they leave the other two to loot the burned out wreckage of the town. Elros finds a suit of armor and some swords, so the two re-disguise as samurai and walk back out of the city. David questions them on where they found such items to no avail, the two refusing to speak.

Taking matters into his own hands, David decides to re-visit the city on his own means, gathering a few of the city’s guards and returning to camp so that they might inspect the goods to see if they are stolen. When they return they find that Elros and the stolen goods have vanished. Elros had decided to take them and stash them in the woods whilst David was away. Not to be put out, two of the three guardsmen decide to escort whatshisface back to the city for some questioning, and Rhogar convinces them to let him come along. Almost back to the city, Rhogar makes his move, trying to grasp a guard’s face and fry him to death. A scuffle ensues and the guards barely escape, badly wounded and nearly dead.

Rhogar and Mr. Name escape, with Rhogar bluffing his way past David on the return trip as David had decided that he should escort the remaining guard back to the city. Rhogar returns to camp and frantically tells everyone to pack up and head out before David returns. What will become our intrepid adventurers? Find out next time on TOFVC!


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