The Organization in Four Vauge Continents

Cause why not?

Two people have fun, and everybody else misses out

Alright new meeting of the group, activate re-cap mode.
We start with the Rhogar and Elros waking up the group and telling them that they need to pack up and get out pronto. Everybody follows along with this and Elros leads them to where he buried the stuff last night. They unearth the goods and start bickering about who will carry what when suddenly a mysterious stranger steps out from behind a tree and says something mysterious cause that is the number one hobby of mysterious strangers. Everybody instantly sets about forcing this newcomer to carry everything they don’t want to before he gets challenged to a skirmish, which he wins by clever application of handshake.

At this point the stranger reveals himself to be a female changeling assassin named Kate, or something, which Jeremy should probably get around to changing on this site cause Mr. McStabings just doesn’t fit anymore, who has been following them and wants to join up with them. Since Rhogar is paralyzed with his eyes closed, everyone except for Incenda who has temporarily sojourned off into the woods agrees that this seems like a good idea. The ranger climbs a tree to keep look out, and Elros sits in a corner like he always does (Poor Elros :,( ).

As Rhogar unfreezes, he lets off his super move and a fus-ro-dah cause why the hell not and Incenda detects a whisper on the breeze of someone yelling “I heard something from over that way.” Mau Tai climbs a tree and he and the ranger both spot a group of figures approaching quickly. Incenda and Rhogar both create fog and flee with Elros in typical squid fashion while the two in the trees hide and Kate approaches the oncoming guards in disguise. She leads them into the fog cloud and then starts to methodically slit their throats before they discover her treachery and retaliate. Mau Tai drops down to help and the two quickly dismember the guards, aside from one who escapes. The ranger ties to track him, but is sadly unable to in the dark. The group is called back together and after looting the bodies spend a good deal of time deciding to do next. Adventure! Excitement! End of this session, see you next time.


yaskidemon yaskidemon

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